New Google Nexus Ready to launch on September 29;Rumor

Google going to unveiled its latest Google Nexus Series smartphone on September 29 this year. According to new leaks and reports, Google may actually hold a press conference on September 29 to announce its LG and Huawei make Nexus smartphone. There is already lots of speculation and rumors about these phones, but it will be interesting to see if LG can make lightning strike, again with its Google Nexus smartphone and if Nexus is Huawei’s magic ticket in to the hearts of consumers.

Huawei Nexus

Another rumor coming out that LG make Google Nexus 2015 will be named or unveiled as a Nexus 5X. The Nexus 5X will be featured with fingerprint scanner on the back panel and The rear camera will equipped with dual LED flash light.

The LG make Nexus 5X will be priced more than the current Google Nexus 5. It will be available at a price of Rs26,500 approximately ($399) for 16GB variant and for 32GB variant it will cost around Rs.32,999 ($449). When Google’s Original Nexus 5 was launched in India on 2013 it was available at Rs.28,999 for 16GB variant and Rs.32,999 for 32GB variant.

According to new report in USA, more than 3 put of every 5 smartphone in US are either from Apple or Samsung. That’s what we like to call domination. Lets see new Google’s Nexus made by LG and Huawei can create some tough competition in US or world smartphone market.


Another rumor coming out that the Huawei make Google Nexus smartphone will also unveiled on the same day on 29 September. About the Huawei make Nexus name yet to be finalised by Google.

At last I would like to tell you that, we can wait and watch whether, Google launched its most waited Goggle Nexus smartphone on that date or not.

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