iPhone 7 features with completely waterproof and thinnest and sleekest iPhone yet

iPhone 7 Conecpt

The iPhone 7 coming with more revolution technology, and will come with a exciting new features, all packaged in a totally redesigned handset. The iPhone 6s equipped with 3D Touch, upgrade camera optics and faster processor, but here, rumor suggest that the upcoming iPhone will need bring an even bigger up-gradation for massive competition from Samsung, LG and other Android smartphones, it means that Apple will need to raise its upcoming phone and make the best iPhone ever.

The iPhone 6s was launched on 9th September this year, so it’s likely we will see the iPhone released around the same time next year.

iPhone 7 design (Expected)

Apple has filed for patent called Electronic Device With Hidden Connector, means connector covered by its self with healing elastomer. In this way the port is shielded from the elements at all times, but still allows quick and easy access for charging, headphones or anything else. According to the Japanese blog Macotakara, Apple will be removing the 3.5mm headphone jack for the next iPhone. The report comes from a reliable source, and says that the iPhone 7 will instead force owners to use headphones that connect to the handset’s Lightning port. Removing the headphone could not only allow Apple to reduce the size of the iPhone 7, but also increase its waterproof capability.

iPhone 7 Specifications (Expected)

Apple’s new A processor (A10) Integrated with Fan-Out (InFO) technology for packaging, for this Apple would benefit from better performance of the Processor. According to some reports fromvarios sources, the upcoming iPhone will come with 3GB of RAM. In comparison, the iPhone 6s had 2GB of RAM. The smartphgone also features with completely waterproof and thinnest and sleekest iPhone yet.

The upcoming iPhone will use different display technology from that currently used in iPhones.The company making a decision in November about bringing OLED displays to the iPhone, Current iPhones use IPS LCD panels – which offer greater brightness but reduced contrast compared to OLED displays

We can, expect the next iPhone to have the 6s’ improved camera, as well as its improved Touch ID sensors. The iPhone 7 should also come with 3D Touch – without doubt the iPhone 6s’ standout feature

iPhone 7 price (Expected)

The cost of Apple’s handset has remained fairly consistent over the years, so we expect the iPhone 7 to launch with around the same asking price as the iPhone 6s.

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