Samsung working for a foldable display technology for its smartphone

A foldable display technology patent by Samsung expecting soon with new innovative technology in its upcoming smartphone.

Foldable dispaly

In the month of  June last year, Samsung was successfully able to publish a patent at the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office suggesting that the company was working on a smartphone with foldable display screen technology. One more thing added in this patent that smartphone sporting this form of display might also be running a projector, which is quite impressive. And we hope that Samsung is successfully able to bring the device to the market.

According to the patent details, the projector will not only be used as a medium to view video clips and images on a larger flat surface, but it will also possess holographic properties. In short, it is possible that you will be taking advantage of the projector in order to project a keyboard on a flat surface and start to tap those keys like you would normally do with the smartphone’s keyboard. In addition to the projected keyboard, you could also use the projector to execute tasks from the flat surface, and it would be just like using your smartphone to accomplish the same task.

foldable display tech

However, since the patent was filed in June, we should not expect a smartphone sporting with foldable display features to come this quickly, although we are pinning our hopes that it gets announced sometime this year and that too with impressive, powerful and efficient hardware. Naturally, thanks to the added features, the smartphone will have a much larger price tag, but we expect that only limited units are going to be manufactured in order to see how the globe reacts to such a product. If there is a positive sales result for Samsung, then you can definitely hope that better handsets with a multitude of features are going to be released in the future.

So till that, we will wait for Samsungs quest to provide the most innovative smartphone to the world.

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